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About WFR Metering, Inc. 


WFR Metering was originally established in 1997 as a consultant to the Trans-Alaska pipeline dealing with meter and measurement issues and calibrations. As our reputation as a cost effective and knowledge source advanced, so did the number of clients. We began expanding our staff using established industry experts and also utilized various consults for the unique requests for service.

In 2011, WFR Metering, Inc became the owner and operator of the business. Since the transfer of ownership, WFR has taken on larger and more challenging projects. In 2012 we started our testing service for the certification of Automatic Samplers and Mixing Skids using the guideline established in API Standards 8.2 and 8.3.

Today we are involved in Metering and Measurement project management, limited remote prover calibrations, system reviews / audits / problem resolution and out unique approach for sampler and mixing skid calibrations.

Our company and Team of experts provide you with proven results without the cost of having to support a large engineering firm's overhead. Our sampler and mixing skid service provides a unique one-stop shopping approach for certification of sample systems. Your need to construct and provide a number of components and the support manpower are at a minimum. In most cases we arrive at your site – perform the test – provide results and allow you to continue your operations as normal, all within an 8 hour day.

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