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Why Use WFR

We use a one stop shopping approach to performing the test. The client provides a minimum amount of support, both manpower and equipment.

Setup is routinely completed in less than one hour. A typical location with the client required support in place can expect to complete the setup, water injection test and mixing system test in an 8 hour day. While other companies are still setting up, we are well on our way to completing the tests. 

The client is required to supply: 

  • Injection fitting consisting of a simple design with a 90 deg quick closing valve and a check valve. 

  • Water. Water can be via tanker truck, tank or fire system. Client supplies water supply hose. 

  • Power. Power source required is 480v, minimum 30 amp service that can be from a power distribution box or portable generator. 


WFR supplies: 

  • Pumps capable of injecting at flow rates ranging from 1 gpm to 140 gpm in lines with pressures up to 275 psig. Our configuration allows for product flow rates up to 25,000 barrels per hour or 4,000 meters cubed under most conditions. 

  • Injection rates are controlled from our skid. 

  • We supply the high pressure hose for delivering water from our skid to the client provided injection fitting. 

  • Our lab/testing area is performed in our box van. This allows for us to do testing out of the weathering elements and is large enough to accommodate witnesses and other essential personnel. 

  • We arrive on-site with the necessary chemicals and supplies for the collection & testing of samples. There isn’t a requirement to ship chemicals prior to our arrival. 


Our objective is not to pass or fail a location but to give a system a fair evaluation based on performance using API Standards 8.2 & 8.3. We will work with the client to determine the ideal size of the injection port and the location.   


We do not represent any vendor. We are a third party testing company and can make recommendations for consideration on systems that fail. 

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